Kick Donald & the Alt – Right out of Arizona

Here is a flyer that has been floating around Tucson the last couple days, concerning Trump’s visit to Arizona. Stand up Arizona.

Fuck Trump Flyer

This is the text from the flyer.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the situation is less than ideal.  This country is facing a new paradigm. White supremacy is on the rise again via the push towards a white ethno – state.  Climate change is now too imbedded to be reversed.  And existentially, Americans are beginning to feel the material bang of what it is like to be living in a country that is sliding from the center of the global political stage.  America is on the decline.  We sit back and wait for the ideal senile hands of an uber rich white supremacist to rectify the failings of the last hundred and fifty years of capitalism.  A man who, since his eight months in the oval office, has shown us the true face of global capitalism, that of an unbridled nihilistic opportunism.  It would seem my friends, that Charlottesville is not a microcosmic example of what happens when two sides need to blow off a little steam. Charlottesville is a window into the coming future of this country – a future configured by a civilian war against civilians.  The alt – right is pushing for this destabilization. History has shown us that people cower towards authoritarianism during tumultuous times; Donald Trump rode this truth to victory. Like in Europe, with the Neonationalist wave, we are seeing people pushing for a return to some perverted interpretation of ‘our roots’.  By creating scapegoats and pointing blame on specific groups of already marginalized people. Racist factions here state side, like the alt – right, aim to ratchet up fear and distrust in our communities.  If we are separated, we can be herded. The alt – right is anti-community. Charlottesville is a call to action against the white supremacist misogynistic bigot nonsense in this country and our communities.  Turning your T.V. on a little louder or slamming another IPA will not make the alt – right and dipshit Donald go away my friends.  You know the alt – right will not go quietly into the night. Unfortunately, this situation requires collective action, a unified communal voice saying we will not allow their rhetoric to separate us. We have come too far, watched too many die for a collective liberation and communal base of basic inalienable rights. As the most meager proclamation of our intentions. On Tuesday August 22nd, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix Arizona, Donald Trump is holding a rally to bolster his pathetic fragile little ego.  In the wake of Charlottesville, let us not allow the alt – right to regain any legitimacy or momentum. Let us embrace the material realities at play in this country and say no, by whatever means necessary, to Trump and the alt – right’s racist and misogynistic agenda. On August 22nd Arizona, the battle is coming to our doorstep. Make no mistake.  Let us show the world, Arizona is not a racist state.  Let’s try to make this situation less miserable, friends, by saying with action, “goodnight alt – right.” #Noplatformfordumbdonaldandhisracistgoons. See you in Phoenix.