STOP G4S RALLY – 11.22 @ 5PM

Dear all,

This Sunday members of the Stop G4S Coalition met to discuss the upcoming strategy to end the city’s contract with the G4S security company, which was up for renewal on the 1st of November. Initially, we imagined that the contract would have been simply extended by a month, as per usual, in order for the city to fully evaluate the contract. We had especially hoped that would be the case this year, since we have been in talks with the city for over a year now, and a mass of about 50-60 people stormed the last city council meeting to address the issue. We had hoped to finally be at a point in our talks with the council members and the procurement office where we could make actual progress and the city could show what concessions they were willing to make.

It became clear that we have been completely shut in dark of where the contract stands as of now, and we are not aware of the contract being scheduled as an agenda item in any upcoming meetings.

Our phone calls have gone un-returned, our emails have been brushed aside, and in-person meetings are not effectual. We see this as an obvious tactic by the city council and the procurement office to ignore the people of Tucson and to continue business as usual.

Let us meet once again at City Hall (255 W. ALAMEDA) and have our voices heard at the Tucson City Council meeting this Tuesday, November 22 at 5pm.

Here is a Facebook event page for those interested:

Bring signs and your voices to demand that the city bring to light the details of its contract with the despicable G4S security company, and end it once and for all!

This action is in solidarity with our comrades in Standing Rock, who have been once again pummeled and mistreated by security forces for taking a stand for what’s right.

In addition to our rally at city hall this Tuesday, we ask that everyone who is able to call members of our city government and make your voice heard! Tell them to quit keeping the community in the dark on the G4S contract, and end it immediately!

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild – 520-791-4201


End the prominence of profits over people in Tucson! End the Dakota Access Pipeline! Stop G4S!