In this rise of the emboldened alt – right in this country and in the coming fascism of ol’ Donny T: we as a community must be aware of those who plan on doing harm to an anti – fascist resistance. Especially, in a state where open carry is legal and the discourse around armed groups seems to be finding more of a common place in our communities. This tactic seems to be becoming more of of reality as we approach this new era of the alt – right reign.

From Puget Sound Anarchists

On Saturday November 19th, multiple stickers and flyers were seen around the fountain in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle with the headline “ATTENTION ANTIFA: DON’T TREAD ON ME” accompanying an image of two crossed assault rifles. The full text read:

“Members of the Rightist Community will not be intimidated into silence by threats of violence. We have policies that ensure our members are armed and trained for defensive conflict and prepared to use up to lethal force if necessary. Do not tread on us. You have been warned.”

The flyer can be seen here: