This country has seen a rise in protests and confrontations since ol’ Donny won the farce. Many local areas in this country have been actualizing a flagrant discontent since the election. Which generally and unfortunately means comrades are being locked up by the state. I won’t go into the importance of solidarity here (But, if this is a new term for you, please feel free to check out some of the literature posted below).

Collective struggle’s life blood is solidarity. If you find that you got an extra penny in your pocket, please consider helping in legal aid for comrades facing down the financial nightmare of going to court against the state. Here is a gofundme for Portland legal aid and their over all resistance against the rising fascism in this country. Hearts ya’ll.

Support Fund: Anti-Trump Activists

Please help to build Portland’s movement total and collective liberation! Please donate now!  Many people have been outraged by the election, Standing Rock, Prison Industrial Complex,  white supremacy and capitalism in general.  We are all fed up and need to take a stand.  The left movement in general is grossly underfunded and inhibits our ability to control the narrative with social media and of course trumping the corporate media.  Many activists are getting arrested and charged for all kinds of things.  We need to keep our communities safe.  People supposedly on the left are raising money to fix broken windows.   However the movement needs funds to actually move forward and fix this whole system and not because it’s broken!  It’s because we need to build something new!  Not fix broken things.  It was never a broken system and was meant to do exactly what it was doing!  Please help!

Literature on Solidarity:


Passion for Freedom: An Interview with Jean Weir

Revolutionary Solidarity

Solidarity means Attack

Mutual Aid & Solidarity