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No Presidents, No Pipelines: Against Trump, DAPL, and the World they Represent

Friday, November 18, 7PM at Catalina Park, 4th Ave. & 2nd St.

Are you tired of anti-Trump protests featuring American flags that are not on fire?

Sick of liberal organizers who glibly allow white supremacists a platform, whether Confederate-flag waving fascists or the racist police?

Are you overwhelmed by the unrelenting exhaustion and terror of watching the world burn, our friends and families incessantly attacked, our lives threatened, demeaned and controlled by forces seemingly out of our hands, with permitted alternatives dominated by clueless, well-paid jerks insisting on “peace” in the face of annihilation?

Yeah, so are we. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, with that in mind, this Friday, we will manifest as best we can an absolute rejection not only of Donald Trump, not only of the Dakota Access Pipeline, but of the entire world they represent. We will seek to tear open the fabric of this world, this constantly crushing world, and enter into The Upside Down!

Those in our way – the fascists, the cops, the rapists, the casual racists and patriarchs, our bosses and landlords, all those who make a living or a killing with a boot on our necks – will all be recognized for what they are. Enemies.

This is not a call for peace. This is not a call against “hate” abstracted. This is certainly not a call for any better way of managing our domination or for a better individual to dominate us.

This is a call to honor and continue the struggle for real freedom, recognizing the conflict we find ourselves in, in whatever humble but ambitious ways we can.

So, fuck peace.

  • For uncompromising self and community defense against those emboldened by the Trump presidency to carry out islamophobic, racist, misogynist, queer and transphobic, ableist, and/or anti-semitic attacks.
  • For complete solidarity and complicity with all those who fight back, and in particular with Muslim and undocumented communities who will be targeted by the incoming regime.
  • For confrontational, multi-racial rebellion against white supremacy and borders, in all their forms.
  • For queer insurrection to totally destroy patriarchy and any colonial gender binary.
  • For anti-colonial victory against the genocidal violence on which the United States of America is built and has always stood for. Against all colonial politicians and indeed, against America.
  • For full fucking class war against both the rich and the eternal enemies of all workers – the police, the border patrol and the prison guards.
  • For and with the rebels fighting inside prisons, jails, juvies and detention centers across the world.
  • For internationalist struggle for liberation, against imperialism, and in complete solidarity with those in struggle in Palestine, Chiapas, Rojava, Wet’suwet’en territory, Colombia, Greece, Wallmapu, the Niger Delta and innumerable other locales.

For freedom. Burn the old world. All are invited to wear black and cover your faces, but no pressure.

And, shout out to all those who can’t make it for legit reasons – we got yr backs and know you got ours.