So, let’s be crystal clear from the gates ya’ll. We never thought Hillary was any better than old Donny.  All the same, however, this fascist’s installation into the coming presidency doesn’t leave a good taste in our mouths, regardless of the vapidity of their political posturing.  So for us, this aftermath requires us to make distinctions and clarifications of why we would try to interact with the quagmire of national politics?  What is one’s purpose – to reform the national political system?  To instigate a change that coats the nation in a nice fuzzy coat of liberalism, instead of right wing bigotry? We say no, though other’s may disagree.  The police departments across the country have made our choice for us, even over the last eight liberal years, illustrating time and again the sentiment of this system’s views on race and gender, with bullet after bullet.

So for us, we have dissected it into two rather overly simplified causations. The first is, that we stand in solidarity with the marginalized of our communities and across this stolen pile of land we so arrogantly call the U.S.A. These are the connections that have driven us to love, care, support, and fight for those we call friends – regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. The second is, and this might be slightly disadvantageous for us to own this early, but, to say we recognize the possibility of creating conflict in areas and times of tension and fracture.

When it seems, ecosystem after ecosystem and species after species is disappearing from this earth fasting then one can truly take note of, time is truly running out. As anarchist and social rebels we hope to exploit this urgent time of weakness of their political machine – with localized and ideally widespread ruptures of normalcy.  To use the omnipresence of their spectacle of economy and politics against itself by saying with no other choices offered, we must carve our own way.  So with this, we are putting forth this resource to our community. This site will ideally serve as an online location for local actions and events concerning Tucson, our region, and the country.  In an active and current attempt to say fuck you to Donald Trump and the misogynistic racist system he represents. We also hope this energy carries on for our rebel community, long into the future.  For let us not miss the mark on this one friends, Trump is just a symptom to the disease that is capitalism. We look forward to what is coming friends, for we shall face it together.

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